Patient Online Services

eConsult is the most widely used online consultation platform used in the NHS. eConsult can be accessed from your own NHS GP practice website. eConsult collects the information about your request and sends it to the GP practice. The GP practice staff will then triage (sort) each patient so that everyone gets the right care as quickly and as safely as possible.

Contact our nurses or GPs using eConsult between 8.00am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday

Please do not use the eConsult system for urgent matters as we may not respond to your eConsult the same day it is submitted.

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EMIS Patient Access is a 24-hour online service that allows you to access your local GP services at home, at work or on the move — wherever and whenever you can connect to the internet. You can use either desktop or mobile apps to use Patient Access.

It allows patients access to the surgery computer system to ORDER REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS

You can find out more about EMIS Patient Access and how to register for this service by calling into the surgery, Monday to Friday, 2.00 – 4.00pm or by visiting Patient Access .

How do I register?

You’ll need to bring two forms of identification to the Practice to register for Patient Access:

Personal ID: e.g. current passport, photo-card driving licence, birth certificate, etc.


Address ID: e.g., utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill, etc (these must show your name and address and be dated within the preceding 6 months).

Access Codes and Security

  • After your identification is confirmed the practice will provide you with access codes.
  • Look after this information carefully until you register and consider destroying it afterwards.
  • If you lose the form or if it is stolen before you have entered your password and security details, contact the practice straightaway by telephone (01851 703145) or in person.
  • The above registration details will remain valid for 2 weeks. If you do not register before the deadline, please contact us and we will send you a new PIN. The date of issue is on your registration letter.

Is my information secure?

All information that is sent to the Surgery via EMIS Patient Access is secure. Your personal details are encrypted and protected using the highest standard internet security, so it cannot be intercepted. Only you and the surgery are able to see this information.

Please do not use the eConsult system for urgent matters as we may not respond to your eConsult the same day it is submitted.