Self-Service Check-in

Self-Service Check-in is now available at The Group Practice.

There is a touch-screen to the left of our Reception window.

Quick and easy to use, you can check in in less than a minute!

Please use the hand sanitizer provided.

Touch the Check-in button to begin.

Follow the simple instructions on-screen.

  • Select the day of your birth;
  • The month of your birth;
  • Enter the first letter of your surname.

The system will find your appointment and lead you through until your check-in is confirmed.

If you have any comments or questions about our new self-service check-in, please speak to someone at Reception.

You can, of course, check-in at Reception in the usual way.

Please do not use the eConsult system for urgent matters as we may not respond to your eConsult the same day it is submitted.