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NearMe video appointment service

As a practice we are trying to keep the number of patients attending in person to an absolute minimum.

To help us do this, whilst providing the healthcare our patients require, we are using Near Me (previously known as Attend Anywhere) video consultations for some appointments, when our clinicians feel that they are suitable.

Using NearMe for the first time?

Please note that when you press the link to attend a consultation you will initially be met by a Western Isles Health Board receptionist. You need to tell the receptionist that you have an appointment with the Group Practice and they will put you through to our waiting room.

If you are hesitant about using Near Me we are happy to help and we can do a test prior to your appointment to make sure everything is working. If this is something you would like please phone and we can arrange this for you.

You can find out more information about Near Me in our patient leaflet and at:

Please note that if you are given a Near Me appointment you must use:

Google Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop, or on an Android tablet or smartphone,

Safari web browser on an Apple iMac, MacBook, iPad, or iPhone.